Articles on: Undertaking Training

Launching a module of training within a course

Courses are made up of a variety of modules, including:

Expert videos
Mastery tests
Training Modules

Most courses are formed of one or more modules and a mastery test. You can see the training units which form a course on the My Courses page in MyInterskill.

To launch a module and commence training:

Navigate to My Courses
Click a Curriculum title to expand it and view the courses you are enrolled in (curriculum headings are grey)
Within the expanded curriculum, click a Course title to expand it and view the training units which make it up (course headings are blue)
To launch a component of a course and commence training, click the Take Module button to the right of a module title.

Note: Courses will be listed on your My Courses page in alphabetical order by curriculum group. Each curriculum can be expanded and contains one or more courses. The courses within a curriculum are sorted by the recommended training order set by Interskill Learning subject matter experts.

Updated on: 20/04/2022