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Reporting on certification progress

The My IBM Certificates Progress report lists all IBM Professional Certificates you have commenced, the required courses or training activities for the Certificate, and the date of last access and status of each course or activity.

Navigate to the report by clicking Reports > My IBM Certificates Progress from the main menu on the left.

Certificates you are undertaking are listed in large black text:

A label alongside the badge title will indicate whether it is In Progress (in blue) or Issued (in green), along with the issue date.
The certificate issuer will also be identified below the certificate title. Interskill provide certified training on behalf of IBM.

Courses required for each certificate are listed below the badge title. Each course will indicate whether it is:

Not Started (in grey)
In Progress (in blue)
Completed (in green), along with the completion date

Updated on: 20/04/2022