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What is an IBM Professional Certificate?

IBM Professional Certificates recognise an aggregation of multiple learning experiences and progression through a comprehensive path of study. IBM Professional Certificates are the most prominent and valued skills benchmark in the IT industry. A landmark collaboration between IBM and Interskill, the certificates have brought the future of digital credentialing to the IBM Z mainframe computing industry. They demonstrate proficiency more broadly across areas of IBM products so the requirements may span multiple specialisations. To obtain them, students will need to follow the recommended training path as well as pass the related certification assessments (which will be available on MyInterskill).

Each IBM Professional Certificate follows a structured learning journey in a key mainframe computing job role. Containing over 50 hours of comprehensive IBM Z mainframe skills training, the certificates include the assessment rigor of over 750 simulations, exercises, exam questions, and interactions. The stackable badge credential methodology provides regularly benchmarked stages and rewards that increase engagement and commitment to the certification journey.

Certifications can take several months (or longer) to obtain.

Updated on: 20/04/2022