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Enrolling in a Broadcom Digital Software Badge

The Badges menu item enables you to enrol in Broadcom Digital Software Badges. When you first navigate to the page, you will be informed that you are not currently enrolled in any badges.

To enrol in a badge:

Click the Select Badge button to enrol in an Broadcom Digital Software Badge
Broadcom Digital Software Badges available to you will be displayed in a new window. Click a badge you wish to enrol in
Review the badge description and required courses to earn it
Click Enrol.

The Badges page will update with the selected Broadcom Digital Software Badge. Your progress towards obtaining the badge will be displayed in the top-right (Courses completed so far and Total estimated hours required to earn the badge).

Scroll down to the required courses to earn the badge
Click Take Module to commence training.

Updated on: 20/04/2022